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Our House blends just added!

We are excited to offer these new blends to coffee lovers like us!  Which one is for you?

LANCERO - Our take on the classic Italian espresso.  Crema, smooth, hazelnut richness!  Perfect for espresso, latte and cappuccinos.

FIGURADO - This light roast blend features 3 delicious beans, mixed together to offer a wonderful rich and punchy coffee.  Try this as an espresso or a latte.  We also love it in a French Press which really brings out the complexity of the flavours.

BELICOSO - We love espresso, but sometimes we need a bigger cup of coffee without sacrificing taste.  And so we created this blend that was made especially for French Press / Bodum coffee makers.  The combination of light roast and medium roast makes this a great coffee experience.

PANETELA - If you're like us, there are never enough coffees in one day!  We found that adding a decaf into the mix helps the day go along smoother.  Decaf you say?!  Wait til you try this, essentially, it just tastes like a different blend, but without any caffeine.  Go ahead, you'll be surprised!


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